Which Should I Choose between University or Polytechnic?

Polytechnic Vs University

A lot of aspirants in Nigeria has been faced with difficulties in choosing the right higher institution that suit them. Most of them are left with no options while some just pick according to advice from parents, friends and what they read in the internet.

The problem is rampant amongst Nigerians. But let me start with letting you know that you’re the only one that should decide what is good for you, although you may ask people for advice but it should still down on you that you must have studied yourself and able to tell which course you’re going for and which institution is best fit for you.

Why Universities have more students than Polytechnics

It’s a common thought in the hearts of Nigerians to think that the University is better than Polytechnics.

There are several universities and polytechnic in the country but every year only a small percentage of jamb aspirants turn up to the Polytechnics.

  1. The University degree BSC is much more considered in companies over the polytechnic HND degree. The Ministry of Education has one time proposed to merge all Polytechnics to a state or federal University close to their region. This would have been a lasting solution to the confusion raised in the minds of students, but the bill which have been passed has not been effected until date.
  2. Jamb Cutoff marks for Universities and polytechnics. The joint Admission matriculation board, JAMB Has been conducting entrance exam for all universities and polytechnics in Nigeria for a very long time. The board has specified a clear distinction in the cutoff marks for both Universities and polytechnics; universities jamb cutoff mark is 180 and polytechnic jamb cutoff mark is 150. This is yet another reason to think of the polytechnic as a lower institution compared to the university as only aspirants with low jamb score will be left with the option of picking a Polytechnic
  3. The University is a much bigger place with elaborate mode of teaching compared to the polytechnic.
  4. Less attention being given to the polytechnic

In final analysis, the Nigerian polytechnics is considered an alternative to studying for a degree if an aspirants couldn’t make the jamb cutoff marks for the university of their choice.

Why you should choose polytechnic over university

  1. The Polytechnic is a more considered institution when you’re going for a practical course
  2. The polytechnic is built to teach precisely the purpose of that course and has a more practical time compared to the university
  3. It has a shorter time of study 4 years for all course
  4. Polytechnic degree HND is accepted in every company

How do I know which is best for me

  1. If you’re going for a practical course, it’s advisable to choose the polytechnic.
  2. If you want a quick term of study, you should consider choosing the polytechnic
  3. If you need a standard degree to be well considered in foreign countries, you should pick the University
  4. If you like to get a more profound degree, you should choose the university where you can easily study for your masters with less troubles.

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